■ Perfect flat make up pouch クロスになる化粧ポーチ 

  • ¥1,500
    単価 あたり 
税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。

◆ Perfect flat make up pouch





Perfect flat make up pouch なら広げてハンカチのように洗濯機で洗って頂けます。

原材料=布ポリエステル100% 紐=アクリル ビーズ=木製


デザイン 表地はフロッキープリントでダマスク模様がプリントされています。裏はドビーでサテン風生地にドット柄です。

◆ Perfect flat make up pouch

Original patented spec.

It is  a small 30x30cm cloth with string inside.

As it can be spread, the frontage can be expanded to the desired size, and cosmetics can be easily taken out.

I think that the makeup pouch is easily stained with a foundation or eye color.

Perfect flat make up pouch can be spread out and washed in a washing machine like a handkerchief. So it can be always kept clean.

Ingredients = 100% cloth polyester string = acrylic beads = wood

Country of origin = Japan

Design dress material is printed with a damask pattern by flocky print. The back is a dot pattern on a satin fabric with dobby.