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One of the famous Japanese cultures, you know is  'Bento', which is a portable lunch box brought  to your work place or picknick out side or school, etc. 

There are so many varieties of luch boxes available to buy in shops like Tokyu Hands, Loft  or any other general stores in Japan.  Surely they would be wonderful souvenirs to your friends back home. 

In addition to that, We would like to recommend our original place mat, which turns into a lunch bag when you pull the strings and tie them up.

Our place mat, named ' Bento cloth 'n' bag' has a special feature.  A string is bult in and 2 button holes are on the side of it, you  take the strings out of them and tie them up, the cloth turns into a lunch bag. The lunch bag is reversible, so you can enjoy both side of the fabric designs. 

We have so many designs including Japanese traditional ones. 
Pls come to check our website! We can ship them within a couple of days or if you want to buy several cloth and no time to wait, just let us know, we may deliver them to the place where you stay if located Tokyo City area.

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